Monday, October 15, 2007


The other day I went to another bar after work. I had been there before and knew several people. Initially I went to a friends one that was above. Later I went to this particular one and got a real surprise.

As I was enjoying myself a friend later came over to tell me about some business that I helped him with in putting the right people to see him and solve the problem. he then left. I looked across the bar and this girl that I met two weeks ago was there. She smiled at me from the lower side of the bar. I raised my glass to her like a toast. Later I moved up a little when the area was not so crowded. i finally got a little closer to her when suddenly it happened.

She turned and was still smiling. I said hello and so did she. Then I said, " Sorry I can't remember your name". In one swift answer she replied, " Well, that's your loss". I was stunned at the response. This nice looking girl that I just met two weeks ago and barely got her name but now forgot, had turned into this stuck up bitch. I actually felt angry. I went over to her and said that I really did forget but she was adamant not to speak to me. I backed away. I guessed she must have read some girly magazine article that told her it was better to shoot down a guy if they forget your name.

I figured the loss was hers. I'll probably see her again but no salutations will I give her. I'll see what she does next. If she did get this advice from some magazine I just advise her to stop subscriptions because the articles are only going to ruin her love life.

Bar advice. They say don't judge a book by it's cover. Well this cover was great but the content wasn't.

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