Sunday, October 28, 2007

Le Femme. La Chicka

Last week Thursday a gorgeous woman came to the bar. I thought she may have been Spanish but I later got to find out that she was Mexican on her father's side and French on her mother's side. What a combination of Le femme(french) and La chicka(Spanish). Her looks were more to the Mexican side because she wasn't blond.

I got to talking to her at the bar because she came alone. She flew there because she came to visit her sister that works in the French embassy. She spoke to me in fairly good English but with a french accent. I was quite captivated with her because she was also very bubbly and cheerful. After several beers, I got her to open up about why she was really there so far from home.

In a nutshell, she sort of wanted to distance herself from home due to domestic issues. Her man was two, or should I say, ten timing her. She got to this subject because I told her that I blog so she opened up to me. I gave her my advice and it was true that I heard of stories like hers before but hers was a bit more sad. I won't say why but that's the gist of it. We talked about it for a while and she was very open to suggestions and advice as well. In the end we just kept drinking till I closed the bar.

Later I took her to my friends bar for a few more beers. She was apprehensive to go at first but willing after I convinced her that I was no "killer". She actually stated that it was just for "enjoyment" that she was going for. I sensed that she was just feeling lonely, hurt and just needed company to feel good about herself. I liked her because she was hot. We had great chemistry going and I didn't want to lose out like I did with the Japanese girl two weeks before. This one had a hotel room to go to later.

We then proceeded to another bar that was below my friends bar because he closed early on weekdays. We were still drinking beer but we had a few tequila shots as well. The music was louder because there was dancing. Whenever we wanted to talk we had to move closer to each other's face and at times when we tried to talk at the same time we faced the odd mouth to mouth instead of the mouth to ear position. You know what I mean? Anyway, at one point I just wanted to kiss her because she let me place my hand on her thigh and we sat so close to each other. Plus, she smelt so good.

After a while it finally happened. Just as I said, we ended up in a mouth to mouth position while talking and we finally locked lips. We just moved into each other. It was one of the most slow seductive kisses that I have ever had. Also, she had this incredible soft tongue. I only ever had one other girl like that before. I had forgotten that till I kissed her that night. I think we both were looking forward to it after flirting the whole night and drinking. Later I got the bill and we were off to her hotel.

Making love to her was a dream come true. It was like a fantasy of me being with Bridget Bardot and Jennifer Lopez at the same time. Three of us in fantasy but in reality just two. What a night. I left her at six in the morning because she needed sleep as she was leaving the next day and checking out at noon. When I got back I started to think about the things that I write in this blog and some of the advice that I give out to guys trying to get girls and such. This was just one of the things that could have happened to another guy and he'd be regretting for all time that he never stepped up and lost out on getting the girl.

Not to say that a one night stand is something to be proud of but when two people know that this is exactly what the other one needs and wants or that nobody is about to move to the others country and start a relationship; no harm done. We were both mutual consenting adults in need of the others presence and pleasure. Relationships can sometimes be short and sweet.

Bar advice. A women, beautiful or not, picks and chooses who she wants and what she wants. Her choice here was just someone that listened to her but was fun enough to make her smile and laugh again.

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