Sunday, October 14, 2007

A cute Japanese girl

Last week I had this Japanese girl come into the bar. She heard the music and came up. Seems like she likes R&B songs. She spoke pretty good English so we got on well in conversation.

Initially she sat away from the bar area but moved there when I told her that the other side was non smoking. She told me that she was there for a brief holiday and staying with friends. I was kind of disappointed that she didn't have a hotel room but I didn't know where the conversation would lead anyway. Later in conversation she revealed that she was married but her husband was in Japan. Working. Alone. I started thinking to myself " Oh God she's here alone".

Nice thing was that she had a great sense of humour as well. Using the astrology thing I found out that she was a Snake/Leo. Great combination because people born in those signs are sexually hyper. They are low keyed but if you manage to be with one, you'll find she'll intoxicate you with her seductive prowess. When a Snake/Leo wants you she'll go all out to make the moves that will surprise you. Her gentle ways makes her an interesting find. She also like a little bit of party and enjoyment but won't over do it. She's responsible. Knows what she likes and wants. Most of all she always knows that she can get almost any man in the room. She makes heads turn when she walks by and she knows it.

I also read her palm(basic stuff I know) and it revealed to me that she had other love interest. She smiled and turned away from me but confirmed it was true. This all took place when we went to a bar after I closed mine. Later, and after more drinks, I put her in a taxi. Did get a kiss but tried to steal one on the lips but she knew I was doing the old cheek and shift to the lips bit so I ended up with the cheek kiss. She smelt nice too. She was going to a Indonesian island resort the next day and I knew I wouldn't see her again. Fortunately, she gave me her email address.

I just talked to her on MSN messenger. The one thing she did reveal to me was that there was actually a current affair. The guy I mentioned about when looking at her palm. She did say that it was more sexual fulfillment than love. Adultry or not I told her I understood. I even asked if she read my blog after I sent an email earlier. She did and found it interesting and myself knowledgeable. Probably because she may be able to relate to some of the topics. I even told her I was going to write about her in the blog. She had no problems with it.

This cute Japanese girl actually gets me interested because although she only met me once, actually went out with me. She's in a foreign country but had enough trust in me to know that I was a nice guy. She also emailed me a shot of her in her bikini by the swim up bar at the resort. She really did look like she was having fun but somehow she does look a little sad behind that sweet smile. I guess that's what happens when you have a husband and juggling a lover on the side. It's more common than most people think. Confusion becomes your friend. Why's that?

Well, the heart is split between the married partner and the single stud. Maybe it's truly a sexual feed but she probably wishes it was coming from her husband instead of another man. You can't make your husband change all of a sudden. Most men end the romance after the chase is over. I wonder at this moment if she and I had more time would I have been able to be with her that night. Possibly, but, it would have to be her choice. It seems to me that some part of her life is still not completely satisfied or realized yet. She's still searching. I hope she finds it for herself someday.

Bar advice. Sex is a common desire for all. Mostly men but there's also a lot of women(even married) that need the attention, tenderness, seduction of passionate romantic love making that a lot of guys don't understand.

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