Monday, September 10, 2007

Remembering 911

911 six years ago. A day we all won't forget soon. In fact we can't because we're still seeing stuff going on almost everyday of the year on TV. We watch countless wars, terrorism, violence, ruthlessness and discard of human life and dignity.

To live in this world now is to be afraid to even leave the house for some. Those more in the western world are still furious about 911 but healing is also taking place. People are getting the truth that it's not all Muslims that are fighting against them but the extremist that seek their own agenda and political gain. they hide behind the facade of Islam and it's teachings to carry out their works. It's still a long way before peace can come.

Where were you when 911 happened? I know exactly where I was. I had another bar before and it was into it's second year at the time. I clearly remember getting a SMS on my phone about what happened. I turned on the TV to see it and it was before the second plane hit. As things got worst we turned off the music and got the sound up for all to hear. As the day went on and the towers begun to fall, one of my customers, an American said to me;" You see this, the world will never be the same after this". Those words did become true. Till today we see no end as yet.

There is still hope that things can change. We must have that hope because all those that died will have been in vain. US and allied forces sent to regions of places they never even heard of in their lives, only to come back in body bags. Some burnt, maimed or injured from suicide or road bombs. Many get shot and killed. Children loosing their parents. Wives loosing their husbands and children their mothers. other places that seem peaceful are also being attacked or plotted against for violence and terrorism. What has the world come to?

At least we see things like North Korea giving up it's nuclear ambitions and settling for peace and friendship. It's a huge sigh of relief to know that a dictator like that has changed and decided to abandon it's stand. All those people are worse than the third world because they have been oppressed and ruled over that they have never known what the world has to offer and what's out there can be a better life for them. They have allowed one man to run their lives to the point that they starved unknown that the rest of the world was eager to help them but could do nothing.

Looking at Osama and his Al-Qaeda agenda, what will we face if he's allowed to be victorious. Everyone can be upset and angry with other people but to kill innocent people and justify it with whatever reason, especially religion, is wrong. This network has roped in the younger people, social outcast, oppressed, unemployed and others with hope that more will sympathise with their cause and join them. Fueling the code that martyrdom awaits all those that follow them. Those that do, are basically brain washed into thinking that a better after life is theirs and because this one is not giving them much, they choose the cause.

Remembering 911 may bring back sad and bitter memories for a lot of people but life has to go on. Living and fighting back is the only hope there can be to make this world a better place for all to live in. It may even take a generation but is it worth it to you? Places like China, Russia and soon possibly Cuba, have slowly followed the rest of world societies and are now more friends than they have ever been before. Northern Ireland finally settled peacefully. Other countries that are in turmoil are now looking at the benefits of what peace and stability can bring.

If the world had more selfless human beings and gracious people, there would be different lives for all. In the Bible it is written, Love your neighbour as you love yourself. I'm quite sure that it has to be written somewhere in the Quran, Torah, Taoist, Buddhist, Hindu teachings and more, something of the same nature. Love conquers all. In the end most people will see that and all this violence and injustice will crumble in front of the people that embrace their faith teachings of love and peace. Of living, working and understanding their "brother" and "sister" that is different but the same but different.

I don't normally go into this in my blog but I decided to write these views because we all have to remember 911 in our own ways. We each got our opinions and concerns about what is taking place in the world we live in. What's you stand on peace?

Bar advice. Never let "someone" tell you what is right or wrong. Do not judge others least you be judged by your creator upon your death. Do good deeds and fight injustice now before your time comes.

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