Monday, September 17, 2007

Nothing to lose

Some how it seems that some guys get the girl and when we look at them we wonder how they did it. He may not be all that great looking or even have deep pockets but he's got a terrific girl in his arms. This doesn't naturally mean she's a model or superstar but it can. Mostly though she's someone that most guys would like to be with themselves.

What's the secret? How is it that some guys can do it while others are cracking their heads over which new book to read or go to some dating sites to see who's just as desperate as themselves. The Internet dating sites actually do help in the sense that they give you a whole lot of info about the girl even before you contact her. That allows you to see if you're right for each other but when it comes to meeting her in person, then what?

Lot's of people do lie on the Internet dating sites like FriendFinder and some give info about things they would do with a partner, but when met personally, turn into a turtle that hides in their shell. Even if she turns out to be exactly what she says the problem still becomes apparent that guys feel like they're about to be hit by a truck if she doesn't like him. That sense of insecurity befalls him because she may not respond to him the way he'd like.

Just like when you go to a bar. You see all these wonderful, hot looking felines prancing around in their high heeled shoes, sexy dresses with low cut cleavage. You salivate till your drool hits the floor. You can't stop turning you head in all directions because you're not sure which is the hottest looking. You're hopelessly dreaming that one of them has an accident with her drink and one of her tits pops out. Suddenly you notice that one guy, who doesn't resemble even your looks, is sitting with a really sexy girl and their having a good time. How? Why? What's the story here?

The main thing that I have come to notice is, these guys have adopted an attitude that's different to the normal ways guys go about getting girls. It's just three simple words. If you asked these guys what's the secret, they'll tell you that's it's just three simple words. "Nothing to lose". This is also something that I use when I'm out for the night. It's partly inbuilt for me but others can also learn it.

The trick is to be confident and remember that you have nothing to lose if there's a negative response from the girl. There's more than one person to choose from. Oddly enough, sometimes if the girl rejects you and she later gets to know your friend and you all end up meeting together again she may actually be drawn to you. She may even tell you that she didn't know that you are actually a nice guy or she didn't know you well enough to feel comfortable with you. This is an indicator that tells you she may now be interested. It may be your best chance to at least get her number. Let's just hope that she isn't already attached with your friend. Than again she's got other friends that you may get to know.

See how the whole cycle of those three little words gets the ball rolling. Do a little test for yourself the next time you go to the next bar or club. Think of three things you'll lose if you went up to chat with her or take her out. You probably won't reach three but if you got more than that, you either worry too much or you really need help.

Bar advice. You're never going to get to the other side if you don't cross it with one foot at the time. Who knows? You may even fly when you reach the other end.

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