Friday, September 28, 2007

Men's looks

You don't need to have great looks to be successful with beautiful
women at all. After all, social value comes from many sources having social proof or leading a girl's peer group for example. Good looks alone won't get you laid, if that's your only source of social value.

Still, if you're serious about maximizing your success with women, you want to fully exploit every avenue of getting social value that you can. Having good looks specifically, having a muscular, chiseled, formed body, is one of them.

For instance, I know a guy who is now in his early 40s and he regularly has girls in their early 20s. Unlike most men his age, he takes care of himself. He works out and eats right. And it shows. He looks good. In adds that he also is matured and knows how to approach and talk to women. Women don't like a man that doesn't act his age or is too much of a kid.

Visually, he is attractive to women. They look at him, and that feeds his confidence. His success keeps him working out and eating right, causing more success. It's a virtuous, reinforcing cycle. But here's the problem. Most men let their bodies go as they get older. They have no muscle mass. They grow a gut for a belly. They don't groom themselves well. They dress dumpily. In other words,
they don't take care of themselves. Why be that way? You're going to feel like you look in the mirror.

At around age 26 or 27 something happens to our bodies. Our metabolism slows down and our body stops producing new muscle mass on its own. Up until age 26 or 27, you can basically eat like a pig and not exercise and your body will still stay fit and thin to some degree. But, by the late 20s, your muscle mass begins to slowly wither away and that gut starts to appear and by age 40, most men look downright bad.

If you're really out of shape, many girls will be too embarrassed to be seen with you with their friends and family. Even if the girl is otherwise attracted to you for other reasons. It's like when a man meets a fat chick. She's sweet, nice, pretty faced, wild in bed, loving, fun personality, highly sexual, a great girl to be
with but you don't stick with her because you're embarrassed what your friends of family might think.

That's why it's so important to take care of yourself and to start right away. In many ways this is a shallow way of thinking but it's a fact in our society. People go for looks. We see it in fashion magazines, Hollywood and more. The trick is to stay in tune with who you want to be and what you can do to be in a better shape when you get older. Taking care of yourself will make for better years ahead.

Bar advice. My advice here for men also applies to lots of women as well. Not to say that you got to look like a supermodel but health and fitness can be obtained which makes for a better life.

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