Sunday, September 2, 2007

Little dragon's broken wing

My friend, the girl I call hot ass, came to the bar the other day. She said she fell on her knee at pole dancing practice and needed a small ice pack to put on. She then said that she had to strip down to her 'shorts' before applying it. A good thing that there were just a few customers there because when she took them off it was like underwear.

I thought that she had a shorts on but after the pants came off I was stunned. I assumed that she'd pull one out of the big bag that she normally carries but she just sat on the bar stool and took out a cigarette to smoke. Her other hand held the ice pack in place.

When I asked about the shorts she said that those were it. Confused, I asked what she meant as those looked like undergarments to me but she replied that in the dancing world it was shorts and they preformed in them. My heart liked them but my head told me that I had to do something about it. It seemed a little to inappropriate for the bar.

I got her to come into the bar counter and sit there so she'd be out of all other people's view. This was only till someone came up to the bar counter to pay then they got to see all of her. Those that did also started to ask her what happened but it was more of having a few minutes of extra glances at her than anything else.

I started to joke with her despite her pain with all the moaning she did and she sort of laughed and almost cried at the same time. I went on to say that she was the little dragon with a broken wing because of her zodiac sign. Interruptions by other customers didn't help either and the 'broken wing' was still hurting her.

To add fire to the fuel I said that my desire to catch a better glimpse of her 'hot ass' was finally fulfilled. She smiled when I showed her a picture I took of her from behind to capture her image. Later she called a friend to buy some bandages so it could be wrapped. The friend arrived half and hour later and was also surprised to see her inside the bar area half naked with me present.

After a while we took off the ice pack, let it return to normal temperature then I proceeded to bandage it. I gave her a Chinese liniment to apply first before wrapping the knee so it help to ease the pain. She then tells me that she was going down for more practice in the class below. This Aries/Dragon just could not sit too long.I got a couple of photos of her after that but I had to promise not to add them in this blog so it's not here.

The best part was when I messaged her about her knee, the next day, and got the reply that she was fine. Later that night she stopped by to say hi before heading down for salsa dance practice. What a girl.

Lesson of note is that when someone is comfortable with you they will place a trust in you that even if embarrassed or not they can count on your help. Trust handed to you must also be appreciated. This can be reversed in either a male or female situation.

Bar advice. Personally I think that one should rest an injury before doing more on it because if we tend to push too hard we may end up making it worse. Strong or not.

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