Sunday, September 2, 2007

Helping somone in a robbery.

I just closed up the bar last Wednesday night and was on my way to a friends bar that was still open to get a few more beers and basically talk shop while I caught some of the 'eye candy' that works there. Suddenly I heard screaming before I got to the road to get a taxi.

I thought it was just a girl having arguments with her guy or something but the last words I heard her was that her bag was been taken. I saw a guy head off with a white ladies bag in hand but he ran behind a bridge staircase and I thought that it was too late to do anything as I approached.

Fortunately, as he ran towards the main road he came across people that were walking by so he made a U-turn back toward the inner road which I was on. When he saw me he tried to hide the bag behind him but I had a slight glance of him before he dashed off so I knew he was the robber. He was about twenty feet from me when I pointed at him and said to drop the bag. He just raised his hand, palm open facing me, in jesture to tell me to mind my business but I repeated to drop the bag as he got closer. I clinched my fist at this point of time and I could see people standing at the road but did nothing. He looked at the best possible way to run from me and he ducked into the shop area to go around me but I followed and after a few chased steps he flung the bag at me. I did not continue the chase as the lady was there and got her bag back.

The lady was really good looking. She did have a bruised knee from the struggle but didn't want to call the police. I asked why she came through the ally to get to the road at that hour and she said because it was after work. She owns a advertising agency on that street. Then she goes to say that she never had anyone ever try to rob her with a knife. When I heard her say that I was shocked. I never saw a weapon and the robber never produced it when I stopped him. However, to know that my life may have been in danger was sobering. She said she was going to meet friends for a beeer and I told her that I was going to do the same thing. I offered to send her all the way there but she declined.

What was funny to me was the fact that she didn't want me to follow her or help her anymore and actaully said to me politely," you don't have to bring me as I can make it on my own". I asked, not her, what her name was and told her mine then parted ways with her at the corner of the street. This all happened after I was applauded by the people that saw the incident. For her, and her bruised knee, it seemed trivial. Unsure why?

Any appriciative person would be happy to make a new firend. Buy them a beer, get a number or be the first to ask the persons name. This lady seemed to have other things on her mind and lacked any thankfulness or gratefulness. Would she have behaved the same had I gotten her bag back after a knife fight with the robber?

I thought about the whole thing later and concluded that some people are just like that. Still, I would have done the same thing and wouldn't expect anything in return but I hope there are better appriciative people in this world.

Bar advice. It's good to help people if need be but if you're not sure and you feel you're in danger, my advice, abandon the idea. It's nice to be a hero, just don't be a dead one. Material things are not worth loosing your life over..

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