Sunday, September 2, 2007

Harvest moon

A Harvest Moon appears brighter to the eye than any other full Moon. It's the closest full moon to the autumnal equinox, and a traditional symbol of benevolence and fertility. Farmers finished their work in the fields by the light of this Moon. Its appearance, usually toward the end of September(September 26, 2007), marks the beginning of the end of harvest season and the start of a new life cycle.

The symbolic meanings of the harvest moon have been celebrated throughout the ages and across cultures. Its significance as a harbinger of new beginnings hasn't diminished a bit even if harvest time these days is more a feeling than a literal event for most. Indeed, the crispness of autumn inspires a feeling of change and renewal, and the intense, gold-orange shine of the harvest moon seems to lend energy, strength and vitality to those of us basking in its glow!

What changes in your life will accompany the transition from summer to autumn? Take this advice if you're travelling. Weather has been really bad all over the world so take precaution and go online or check conditions before heading out or making plans. Nowadays its hard to know what dangers can happen. I personally think that the second half of the year will end up better. Things will iron out itself and people will start to make the change towrds the winter and Christmas joy. For the moment though, frolic this fall under the harvest Moon.

Bar advice. Keep that chin up. the year is still not over yet and things will become better soon. Belive it and will be.

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