Monday, August 27, 2007

New beginings

If anyone didn't know yet, well, it's going to be a full moon on Tuesday the 28th of August. The funny thing is that there will also be a lunar eclipse. Plus there is a strange phenomena about the moon turning red. This is going to be screened on the live stream on the Discovery Channel.

The astrologist have also indicated that Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Mars are all coming near or passing by the moon and sun during this period. On August 11th there will then be a solar eclipse. It looks like there's mystical forces that are going to shake things up in all our lives.

I guess it's good to be a little prepared for what could be either the good or bad that may happen in the coming days. Hopefully all turns out fine. Lets pray that there won't be anymore bad weather as well. We can all do with less rain and floods around the world.

Bar advice. There's going to be changes to peoples lives because of this period. make the best of what comes your way.

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