Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Making up

In the beginning every relationship is bliss. The relationship is sweet, sugary, beautiful and lovable. You're in heaven. Everything is exciting and new. You love everything in your partner. The dress up, the talks, the habits and everything your partner does and visa verse but as time passes you start finding faults with each other.

You don’t like his or her outfit and you don’t find his or her talk interesting any more. There is a long list of “I don’t like this about you”. You are doing nothing but nagging at each other. This is when normality makes the spice of the chase disappear. It is very easy to break of a relationship and very difficult to maintain it but it is much more difficult to start over with the broken relationship. Yet it is very important to make up ans start over with a broken relationship especially if you have the responsibilities of your children.

Making up. What you do is to have patience and be forgiving. Forgive and start afresh. Try and find faults within yourself and it will be easy for you to forgive the other. Forgiveness heals the wound and tolerance enhances the depth of your relationship. You mustn't forget things like, he throws his socks in the corner when he gets home or she takes too long in the bathroom when you're in a rush to go out, are stuff they use to do before they knew you. It means a new conditioning when being together that will make things work.

It is amazing to fall in love but at the same time it is like being in hell when you split apart. Therefore it is a must to see that it makes no sense and that you have to revitalize your relationship and get that excitement back. Remember the moments that made you both happy, remember what he/she loved most about you. Make an effort to revive those moments back.

Don’t run off but face the problem no matter how tensed the situation is. You have to stick together as it is involves you, your partner and your family. You have to take a step forward and make your partner understand. You have to sit together and sort out problems between the two of you. Try doing things that bring excitement in your life. Improving your relationship is not a long process. It is a single little that you can take. You will find your relationship blooming beautifully as ever.

But if things are very grave, your partner is violent and you are sure that you cannot move with the relationship any further, then there is no need to stick along in remorse and pain. You can always start all over again. Off course it is difficult to forget the past and it is an obstacle in your way to a new relationship. What you need to do is to give time to yourself, involve in hobbies and activities that please you. Socialize, or do something creative that releases your heart from the pain you are going through. After a period of time you yourself will want to start a new relationship with no previous fears and pains. The bereavement including shocks, pain anger all disappear when you give space to yourself and believe in yourself.

Bar advice. What we all want is something less strained. Before jumping into full commitment have a heart to heart conversation about these things even if you've only heard of it and never been through it. It helps later.

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