Friday, August 10, 2007

Guy's, don't go begging for sex

Never ask a woman for sex. Never paw at a woman for sex. Never settle for mercy sex. Asking for sex is like begging, and you'll lose all respect from your woman.

In mercy sex, the woman's attitude is that she prefers her vibrator and personal fantasies to you, but if you insist, she'll accommodate you. "You can use me for my body... but you better kiss my ass for it and do everything I demand in return!"

So she lets you climb on top of her to get you off her back. The goal for her isn't to get done by you, it's getting it done and over with so that she doesn't have to do it again. She knows you'll settle for lousy sex, and she has no reason to be a real, sexual woman for a wimp of a man. With time, when you accept mercy or lousy sex from your woman, she'll come to despise you for being such a weak wuss of a guy.

So never paw at her. Let her paw at you. Never ask for sex. Let her ask for sex or take her, bend her over, and rail hard her like a man. So to speak.

Let sex be her reward. If she does lots of nice things for you, like cook you dinner, buy you a gift, compliment you, make sure that she's rewarded with a thorough, dominating, all-out passionate love making sexual night in return.

Nor be ashamed of your desire to have sex. Never ask forgiveness from women for your sexual appetites as a man. "The sexual beast" inside of you wants bacchanal, hedonistic sex with no inhibitions about treating her like a piece of property, free to satisfy your deepest sexual desires. Don't be ashamed of your inherent nature
as a man. Be proud of your sexual appetite. I don't mean to make it seem barbaric but sometimes going back to the caveman days may just be what you guys need.

Bar advice. Stop being a wimp and a wuss and a needy beggar in your relationships. It has no place in a relationship and you, as your duty as a man, have to stop all that crap RIGHT NOW.

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