Monday, August 6, 2007

Girls night in

Maybe there is some fun to be had in hitting the town with your a posse and strutting your stuff every now and then but if you want a fun time with the girls that doesn't involve hellacious hangovers and a "don't ask don't tell" policy, it could be time for an equally fun bonding experience, an all girl house party. Before you roll your eyes at thoughts of pillow fights and crank calls, check out these fun theme parties. It may become a memorable Saturday night and a perky Sunday morning. Remember to kick out all guys first.

Spa night.
Give the girls an opportunity to unwind with a relaxing night of rejuvenating activity. Ask them to bring their comfiest lounge wear and robes, recruit a manicurist to give fast mani and pedicures and a masseuse for rotating shoulder or foot massages. Serve bubbly or keep it clean with sparkling water with crushed mint and offer light fare such as grilled vegetable skewers, Chinese chicken salad, fresh berries and whipped-cream parfaits. Scatter good gossip magazines, light scented candles, and everyone will be in relaxed mode.

Dance the night away
Get the house jumping by hiring a dance instructor to teach your gang some smooth new moves. You can find quality candidates by calling a local dance studio. Just be sure you select a style that doesn't require dancing with partners, hip hop, pole dancing, belly dancing, and striptease would all get the party started and keep it going. Serve margaritas and energy boosting grab and go snacks such as brisket, new potato skins with all the fixins and salsa dip.

Yoga Retreat
Find your collective inner om with a mind and body centering evening of yoga or meditation. Hire an instructor from a local studio, invite guests to arrive in their comfiest workout clothes, and host an early evening session. Unwind with a light, healthy dinner of sushi, and soba noodles in broth. Light some incense, put on some soothing music, and watch everyone get Zen. Add some scented candles if you like.

Chick flick night
Warn friends it'll be a tearjerker. Pick a double header that's sure not to leave a dry eye in the house. Think Terms of Endearment, Life Is Beautiful, and The Notebook. Maybe the classic Sleepless in Seattle. Scatter pillows on the floor around the couch and coffee table, serve a concession stand menu of vanilla vodka with Coke, popcorn, hot dogs, and classic candies, and press play. If you don't want to put on the pounds then just go with red wine, cheese platter served with olives and such. Don't forget the tissues.

Bar advice. Sometimes the girls need to get away and just talk, laugh or cry with each other. It heals when understood and shared by others.

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