Sunday, July 15, 2007

Venus retrograde. Love retrograde.

Poor Venus. Not only is the planet of love and beauty unhappy in nit picky Virgo, but she's retrograde. Fortunately, this happens only once every other year instead of three times a year, as with Mercury. When it does though, you sure feel it in your love life! If you can resist the tendency to criticize each other, you can take advantage of this influence to look frankly and honestly at your relationship. Is it everything you want it to be? Will it last? If you're single, what do you need to change to attract the love you desire?

The main focus, be it Venus retrograde period or not, is the relationship tolerance. If things are not going all that well don't go making things worse. There must be some issues that are below the surface that are not in sync with each other that is causing chaos in your lives.

Whether you follow the stars or astrology readings, it reflects peoples lives on a normal basis. Simply saying, we all have our ups and downs, good and bad and so on. Trouble is, are you in the bad end all the time? Is the relationship smelling sweet like roses and feels like you could live on fresh air or is it down in the dumps wear all the garbage and flies are? It pays to ensure that communication continues throughout the relationship. Just because the honeymoon is over doesn't mean that the loving should stop as well.

If you're single and with a partner, it's best for both to talk about future developments and plans of marriage instead of rushing into it. Discuss the issue of arguments and how both of you will deal with it. Being together means also working together in the relationship. It's never easy. Sometimes there's also external conflicts that pits you and your partner between each other because of family members. Certain ground rules have to be set in place.

If you want less conflict and better understanding, give time and a listening ear to the other person. It makes no sense to fight and be victorious in the battle if only to find that you loose the war of love. Ironically it makes sense and doesn't at the same time. Bottom line is, you can't all be right. Something or someone has to give. Give each other time to have their say then make a decision for one to give in but when the next time comes around, not necessarily right after; the other should be the one to give in.

It's a two way street that you can meet in the middle. Don't let other people come in between your method and wedge a rift between you. Your plan to combat arguments must be firmly set in place so the relationship is honest and the air is cleared with no anger lurking to bite you back later. When a problem is behind you, never bring it up again. Never weaken your bond towards each other.

Lastly, when you are not in a feud, remember your vows. Take yourself back to the words you said and how you felt. Singles can remember their cherished moments together. Write him/her a love note. Buy her some flowers or meet him at work for lunch. Make the conscious effort. It's a union not a competition.

Bar advice. Never go to bed angry, they say. Truth is, your bedroom should always be your sanctuary with each other. Not a battle zone.

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