Monday, July 23, 2007

Tips to attract the opposite sex

If you want to know how to attract the opposite sex, read these tips.

The first tip on how to attract the opposite sex is to stand out in a crowd. Being the center of attention will create the illusion that you are worth getting to know. After all, everyone else evidently thinks so, so why shouldn't’t that special she or he as well? If you can’t do or say something to draw a crowd (no, not something weird) then simply stand in the center of the room. It works.

Bars are the exception to this standing in the center rule. Yes, it’s still good to be the center of attention, but for some reason the best place to get noticed in a bar is in the corner. No, not on a timeout facing the wall, or looking like a scared little wallflower but sitting at the end of the bar. Don’t sit at a table. You’re less approachable in a bar when you’re at a table, and someone of the same sex is bound to ask to join you if the bar is crowded.

Color is important in your attempt to attract the opposite sex. Not only can it help you attract the opposite sex but you can also have some control of which of the opposite sex you attract by choosing the colors of your wardrobe.Color consultants have studied color’s effect on the opposite sex and the determination is that most women find men who wear blue the most attractive of those wearing any other color.

Blue conveys a message of stability, constancy, dependability and faithfulness. Of course, the fact that clothes and their colors match that the tie coordinates with that blue suit and the socks aren’t green, helps make a good impression as well.

For women who want to know how to use color to attract the opposite sex, the generally safe color is pink or peach. It makes a woman’s skin glow with a look of health, no matter what her skin tone is.These are the colors that convey soft and vulnerable too, which macho males are attracted to. Other colors can work as well but those are far the best for attraction purposes. Don't go overboard and end up looking like a freak show.

Now, if you want to make sure you don’t convey vulnerability, if you’re strong and you want the man to know it and you want to be sure and find a guy for whom this isn’t a threat, then wear a deep red, plum or burgundy. Red is certainly the most sensual of colors, but it’s also the most powerful too.

The two types of men that red will attract are those attracted to powerful women and those who are interested primarily in sex. With red you might find the man who isn’t threatened by your strength, but you also may have to weed through a lot of horny chaff to finally find him. If you want to find out how not to attract the opposite sex wear yellow or green. They’re sure to stay away in droves.

Ladies should wear a nice light lipstick. Preferably a glossy one as this makes the lips seem more inviting to the guys. Don't use it to the office. You'll look more like a bitch than a boss. It's more of a attraction tool. Guys, remember to wear a good pair of shoes. Women always look there when assessing a man. Men should comb their hair, unless you've got the bald look going, because you will seem neat and fresh looking to her.

When meeting a man/woman, speak with courtesy. Manners play an important part in the way the other person feels about you. It tells them that you were brought up right. Also, be confident. You may only have one shot at that stage. If you blow it then you have only yourself to blame. Think before saying or doing anything.

Bar advice. The best thing that I can say to help you would be to find out more on tips to attract the opposite sex before you go out there and fall fall flat on your face.

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