Sunday, July 29, 2007


We work hard all week. Sundays seem to make us feel relaxed. It's just a psychological triggered reaction to the "rest day" of the week. It just make us lazy a little, sleepy sometimes or with others it's chirpy. We have a double quick step. We get up to go play golf. Maybe squash, yoga, rock climbing or some other sport.

The main thing is that it's our day. Most people of the working class stiffs are doing long hours at work or back breaking jobs. They are the ones that are most appreciative of Sunday. We all wish that money was not a problem and if it wasn't then everyday would feel like Sunday. Come to think of it, everyday would be Christmas.

Waking up on Sundays for families can be fun and full of excitement especially for kids. They either want to go out to the park or movie. Maybe breakfast at McDonalds. For kids it's not so much that they get to go somewhere but that they're going with you. You're not home most of the time and kids just want to spend time with their parents. It may feel like a drag sometimes because you just finished six days of work but most people are fulfilled by the happy faces of their kids.

If you're single it's a time to share with friends or the current love of your life. Lots of people just like to go out for something to eat or have coffee together. Maybe ice cream or stroll on the beach. Sundays are just a little less rushed or planned. Single people that aren't dating still find it a happier day to go shopping or meet up with friends because they just had a full week trying to impress their boss, colleagues or even a girl/guy that they like. All the formalities seem to go out the window on the "rest day".

Married people that haven't got any children yet find that they don't even need to go out of the house to enjoy it. They rather be at home, watch TV, do gardening, reading and maybe a bit of housework that needs attention. Lots of times they may have a barbecue or gathering of family over for a meal. Mostly though, they rather spend time having a lazy Sunday afternoon with each other just talking. At night they may have a meal, share a bottle of wine and watch a movie together all snuggled up with each other. Romantic gesture is never far away at this point of time.

Bar advice. Whatever the case may be, we all must agree that we look forward to Sundays. Even if you do nothing, you love that it comes around every week.


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