Thursday, July 26, 2007

Releasing destructive feelings

There are three ways to approach the process of releasing. Liberating your natural ability to let go of any unwanted emotion on the spot and allowing some of the suppressed energy in your subconscious to dissipate. The first way is by choosing to let go of the unwanted feeling. The second way is to welcome the feeling, to allow the emotion just to be. The third way is to dive into the core of the emotion.

If you carried a heavy object in your hand after a while it would start to hurt. There would be some measure of pain and discomfort yet familiar. Just imagine that your hand is your subconscious. Now look at your hand. See that it is not attached to the object. The way to easy the pain is to let go. Why then can you not do this with destructive feelings? It's easy but somehow we forget that we can do this. It gets built up accidentally in us after years.

If you can master the process of releasing, you will discover that even your deepest feelings are just on the surface. At the core you are empty, silent, and at peace, not in the pain and darkness that most of us would assume. In fact, even our most extreme feelings have only as much substance as a soap bubble. You know what happens when you poke your finger into a soap bubble, it pops. That’s exactly what happens when you dive into the core of a feeling.

Releasing will help you to free yourself from all of your unwanted patterns of behavior, thought, and feeling. All that is required from you is being as open as you can to the process. Releasing will free you to access clearer thinking, and yet it is not a thinking process. Although it will help you to access heightened creativity, you don’t need to be particularly creative to be effective at doing it.

You will get the most out of the process of releasing the more you allow yourself to see, hear, and feel it working, rather than by thinking about how and why it works. Lead, as best you can, with your heart, not your head. If you find yourself getting a little stuck in trying to figure it out, don't. stop for a while and relax with several breaths. Change your mind set to the problem. Shake it off, as Mariah Carey sang, and regain your composure. Guaranteed, as you work with this process, you will understand it more fully by having the direct experience of doing it. Changes will start to take place and you will manoeuvre your life path differently.

Bar advice. It takes some practice. Meditation of whatever means can add to the release of unwanted forces of energy. You'll feel healthier as well.

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