Sunday, July 1, 2007

Raising you body's energy level

In need of a little pick-me-up? Well, how about some sunshine? Actually, I'm not referring to soaking up a few rays outside. I think most of us by now are aware of the skin damage that can be done by unprotected exposure to the sun's rays but using the idea of the sun in a visualization can be a great energizing exercise. This works on a physical level, as well as mentally and emotionally. It acts like a natural raising of your body's energy level.

Here's what you'd do. Find somewhere comfortable to sit. Close your eyes and take in some long, deep breaths. Then imagine the sun, like a small whirling golden globe of heat and light, directly above your head. As you breathe in, imagine you are breathing in this golden light.

Imagine it filling your head and feel its warmth, as it travels from your head, down through your throat, relaxing your muscles as it goes and filling all the cells of your body with light. Breathe deeply and sense it moving on down through your arms to the tips of your fingers and then back up to your shoulders.

Next, follow it as it travels through your chest, bringing its light and warmth. Feel this golden energy traveling through your abdomen and hips and down through your legs to your toes. Then let it travel back up again, through your legs, hips and abdomen, your chest, arms, and then back again up your throat into your head.

You can keep this light moving up and down through your body as long as you wish, until you start feeling refreshed and energized again. When you are ready, allow the light to pass through your head and surround your entire body. Enjoy the feeling, then slowly open your eyes.

It's like a method of yoga but mostly all visual and mental stimulation.Sometimes we need to get away from what we are doing, be it work, family issues or other stuff but we cannot actually go anywhere. What then can we do? This method lets you transfer yourself to a place of relaxation and calm. Try this. It works wonders.

Bar advice. In our everyday lives, routine makes us old. Sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing for a while. Let the earth pass time then rejoin it later.

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