Thursday, July 26, 2007

People today

Relationships between most people today are characterized by cautious coldness and impersonality.

If you walk up to a stranger on the street, they'll often meet your advance with suspicion. After all, they believe, why else would you try to make a connection to a total stranger unless you wanted to sell something or wanted something from them?

At work, people generally don't smile unless the boss is looking over their shoulder, wishing they could be somewhere else doing something else. Many times the only smile of a friendly person you'll see is that of the salesman, specifically trained to smile at you to make the next sale.

Studies have shown that when people have a lot of positive life events and warm interactions with friendly people, they themselves become more extroverted, which in turn makes them even happier. Other studies show that when people are in a positive mood they have a less cautious social style, and meet even more people.

All the research suggests that we don't want a place where most people are hostile, shrewd, and self-centered. We don't want a place where most people are cold, impersonal, and only keep to themselves. So ideally, we want to live in place where people are generous, socially outgoing, receptive to others, and generally in a good
mood and are considerate.

Of course this place is never never land. It's just not real. People in their human nature spoil it for others. We live in a world where we have to make do with our situations, lives and happiness. Most people are out to look after themselves. "It's every man for himself", the saying when we are in desperation. That phrase seems to be tatooed on all our forheads.

Bar advice. If you want to change things. Make a DECISION in your life. Stick with it and don't let others influence you in this world. It can be a better place.


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