Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Lesbian issue Part 1

If all of you have been reading the blog then you can see that I have not really touched on the gay issue, be it men or women. Lesbians is the issue, as people keep seeing it all over, and it's a blur for guys in many ways. I will get to gay men another time.

Basically it comes down to the fact that in the old days lesbians hid the fact that they were such. Same as men. Some probably didn't understand why they were behaving like that or had thoughts of other women in a sexual way. Nowadays it is more upfront and a lot of younger women are able to understand themselves better. They see it more commonly on MTV, movies, books and other media formats and they also find that it's widely accepted now.

One startling point to make is that a lot of women are having this psychological, if not biological issue, and it's unclear to them how to react or behave in front of parents, friends, colleagues or the public. They live with constraint of deep emotional and a physical prison that lacks compassion from the world surrounding them. With modern tools like the Internet, chat rooms, adult friendfinders and so on, they can find others in the same situation as themselves and there they can also seek out others as friends and lovers whom they believe understands them.

My issue is the fact that in this modern day and age, a lot of guys seeking for a potential mate, wife, girlfriend and such is left wondering if she's straight or not. It's bad enough that most countries are facing a shortage in birth rates and marriages and high increase in divorce, what's the average male to do? He too searches on the Internet site and such because it's so hard at times to seek out a female that wants to be partnered. The fact that some women are bi-sexual is also a contributing factor because a lot of guys won't want to have anybody, male or female, share his love interest.

Going to a bar or club and you spot a girl. She looks fine. You see no other man around. You start to walk over. Her friend spots you coming so she walks up to her and gives her a kiss. You drift off to the side and play like you weren't going up to her to hide your embarrassment. Is this almost a familiar site that we can see all over. Sometimes a guy makes it into conversation with the girl only to be told that she's not interested because she's more into other women. Even Internet sites tell guys to stay away as it's for lesbian women only.

Another sad dilemma for guys is when a lesbian is trying to lure a straight girl, just like a guy who likes a girl, convinces her that all men are dogs and only other women can understand another woman better and that includes matters of the heart and all aspects of sexual pleasure. Lots of these women are keen on getting younger women because the younger ones are more prone to accepting them if they have been hurt or cheated by a man. A lot of the butch types like to act like they are men as well and often dress in a manly way, spotting short hairdos and pants or jeans. They also try to talk and act like male, often swearing and drinking excessively.

Lesbian that are more female orientated can also be extremely beautiful. She may make lots of men's heads turn as she walks by but she herself will only look at the women that look at her. She is also the type that will 'poison' another girls mind about men. This could take place in a bar, club, at work, over the phone and so on. Her intention is to get the girl that she desires but not try to show everyone that she is a lesbian. Her fear of others looking at her in this manner makes her feel uncomfortable. This especially includes family and people at work. If she engages another girl at work she will tread very lightly for fear that if there is rejection she will be exposed. Most of the time the pursuit is far from known persons.

What is a man to do knowing that he is now limited to a lesser amount of straight women? Nowadays it's hard to know if the girl that you want or currently are dating was bi-curious, experimented a little, was hardcore, just kissed and hugged or gave cunnilingus to another girl. If she became his wife and one day bumped into her ex-lover when you two were together on the street, then what happens? Anything really. What if the guy never knew before?

Sure we all have see porn somhow or somewhere and even I will say that a man can stomach two women 'doing it'. His imagination will get the better of him if he thinks of the two women inviting him into the action but the reality is that stuff is unlikely to happen in reality. Not to boast but I personally have been with two and even three women at the same time but they were not lesbians and never did anything to each other while I was with them. It felt better that I was their interest and not each other. Well that's another story for later.

Women are always out with each other since the dawn of time. It's safer to stick with one another and help out a friend with difficult men. Some just want a listening ear of another female. Guys these days don't know if that's the case or if the women are "into each other". This leaves them to stay back and only approach if signaled by the girl. Even then he keeps an eye out for the other women in case one turns out to be vicious bitch.

The reality is that it gets really hard for men to find women because they don't know the signs of what a lesbian will look like. They don't want to get in their way but simply go about their normal way of attracting women that are straight. It's really hard when you have to compete with other men but it gets even harder knowing that women are also gunning for the same fair maiden.

Bar advice. I don't claim to know a lot about lesbians but I have lots of experience with them and know or have known many.


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