Friday, July 27, 2007

Gorgeous women in professional jobs

The other day I was at the bar working and it was a bit of a slow day. Not too many people due to the bad weather. Suddenly two women came in. You could tell that they were in some professional job because of the way that they were dressed.

Between the two, one really stood out. Keli(not real name). I'll tell you how I got her name later. I was all too eager to serve her but the friend seemed to want me to take the order quickly and leave. My senses started tingling that something wasn't quite right. She had this great smile and a gorgeous body that was basically popping out of the blouse that she wore. It was one of those that had buttons in the middle. Way too tight and visually easy to see her bra between all the holes from button to button that it was making because it was that tight. Not forgetting that she had nice sized breast as well. Pants she wore bad her ass stand out as she walked in her stiletto heeled shoes. What a sight.

The day seemed gloomy before but was brightened up with this vixen. A real fox. She actually caught me looking at her from the bar area. When I moved forward to help some other guest next to her I knew that she again saw me looking at her but she didn't look. Instead she looked at her friend in the same direction that I was standing but not looking directly at me. The strategies we play. I was fine with it because I knew nothing about her. It just seemed to me that it was odd that the other girl was not interested. She also made Keli sit facing away from a bunch of boys that were sitting across them. Then it hit me.

Could he friend be a lesbian. I don't know for sure but the tell tale signs seem to indicate so. Anyway, Keli eventually walk toward the toilet which was near the bar where I was. She stopped to say that they liked the place and would be back. I admired her direct approach. When she came out, I called her back just before she could walk back. Why?

Here's a lesson for men to learn. Well a woman wouldn't stop there again. If she did it would look like she was too easy or sorts. Women want to be chased. In this day and age it's alright to approach the man but somehow she will retreat to old methods because it's the modest thing to do. If a guy in my situation did nothing, it would have been all over. If she went back to her seat without me talking some more then it would have come to a complete full stop. I talked to her the moment she got out because it was the fastest way for continued conversation and it was without her friend present. Talking to one is difficult enough. Don't you think? It may the only shot you can get. One must be confident, friendly and make it inviting for her.

I found out that they are lawyers working in the city area but were on a break after some research. Gorgeous women in professional jobs are seen in many places but that one blew me away. I was thinking that she was in the hospitality line or something. Was I wrong. It actually made me like her more. I sensed intellect from her that I could connect to. Sometimes professional women bring out the maturity of men that they don't know about. Most guys would not know what to say. I ended up getting her email and phone number. When she went back to her seat I messaged her.

It wasn't because I didn't believe she gave me the number but I just wanted to flirt a little. When her friend started stepping in, it all went down hill from there. I have no idea what the other one said after several messages that we exchanged but I didn't seem to connect with her again after that. It just goes to show that some of the things I wrote before in this blog really is true. Others can sometimes make things complicated especially if they're not interested or they're not the interested one by others. Possibly the other party also has their own hidden agenda.

Eventually they left but I am suppose to email her soon and I will message her phone again to tell her when I have done that just to get a reaction. Hopefully it's better then just a courtesy "hello". I hope that she comes back to the bar again but without a distracting buddy.

Bar advice. When others try to make you out to be bad or weird. Don't act differently. It's up to the individual to assess if they are right about you.

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