Monday, July 16, 2007

Give your self esteem a boost

Self esteem is not only important in the long run. It’s necessary to be able to boost your confidence whenever you feel it starting to fade. The good news is that self esteem can be developed in you just as you can learn how to ride a bike and once you have it it’ll be there for good

How can you tell if you have low self-esteem?

• You tend to analyze yourself often.
• You fear adversity and alienated from parents/authority figures in your life.
• You rarely smile and tend to have a negative outlook.
• You feel tired often and rarely set goals for yourself.
• You’d rather be alone than meet new people.
• You have a hard time making friends.
• You don’t make eye contact with others, trouble with trust, intimacy and affection.
• You don’t take risks.
• You create negative effects and may be needy, clingy or even may fake affection.
• You engage in negative self-talk and don’t forgive yourself or others.

Giving your self-esteem a boost, and keeping it boosted for good, is well within your reach. Here are steps you need to get you there:

Let go of negative, doubtful and fearful feelings.

Take care of yourself. Exercise, eat well and tend to your appearance. When you feel good from a physical and aesthetic perspective, you’ll have a much easier time feeling good from a mental perspective as well.

Respect others. Be truthful, fair and open-minded to those around you.

Be positive. Smile often, give compliments to yourself and others, and stop thinking negatively about yourself.

Learn to forgive and forget. This includes forgiving yourself and learning how to take responsibility.

Give thanks. Show gratitude for your life and the people in it.

Go after your goals. Figure out what it is that makes you happy in life, and make it a point to spend lots of time doing it.

Bar advice. Keep away from negative people and places. Open yourself to more positive people to surround you to reach your objectives and goals.

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