Monday, July 9, 2007

America Alone

In this, his first major book, Mark Steyn, probably the most widely read, and wittiest, columnist in the English-speaking world; takes on the great poison of the twenty-first century. The anti Americanism that fuels both Old Europe and radical Islam. America, Steyn argues, will have to stand alone. The world will be divided between America and the rest; and for our sake America had better win.

Then again do they know who they are fighting? Where the countries are? Who is the enemy and who is at their side? It's only the people in government that do but the rest of them have better start learning they are not the "king of the world". Sorry that I have to take it out on the Americans but sometimes people need a wake up call. That doesn't mean that the Brits, Aussies and Europeans are not as daft as well. They live in worlds of their own and think everyone else owes them.

Bar advice. Wake up before it's too late, America. Before you can teach others, learn first and be humble.

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