Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Will Sex add to commitment?

You may imagine that agreeing to have sex before you have a monogamous commitment from a man could lead to the commitment you seek. Wrong. If he gets to have sex with you before commitment, you lose some of your power to get him to commit. After all, why should he commit further if he’s already having sex with you?

Yes, you may answer, but with sexual intimacy he’ll fall for me even more. Wrong again. With sexual intimacy before commitment, all you know is that his cock is in love with your vagina. You are beautiful, feminine, and have a gorgeous, fully shaved vagina. Of course, he’s in love with your sexual organs! What man wouldn’t be? But you want his love for you to come before his love for your sexual organs.

By the way, “instant commitments” don’t count. If you’ve teased him to the point of nakedness or of being only an undergarment away from nakedness, and then ask him, “You do love me, don’t you?” do not be fooled by the answer “Of course I do.” That is his manhood talking. At this point his brain has been kidnapped by his throbbing manhood. All his brain blood now resides in his swollen enlarged one, and his is totally not in charge of what his mouth says. “Of course I love you” means “Of course I love your body.” If you let a "Good Man" have sex with you before commitment, you risk losing that "Good Man" because you were too easy; you weren’t selective or demanding enough.

Be patient. Get the commitment first. You need to have sex only with a committed "Good Man".

It may take you several weeks or several months of dating a man to determine whether you want to have sex with him. This is not an unreasonable time frame for such an important decision. Again, it is totally appropriate to share your thoughts with a man regarding your qualifications of a "Good Man" and your fundamental needs. Also discuss how he sees your relationship, both now and in the future. If you decide that sex with this man is appropriate for you, then mutually commit to monogamy and go for it. If he is unwilling to commit to monogamy, do not agree to have sex with him.

One last thing to add. Women also want to have great sex. Most men don't know this so if you like the guy that much and you want to enjoy time with that guy sexually then go for it. Just remember that if there is no commitment from it later then you know it was your fault. So if that's what you decide then you won't feel let down later.

Bar advice. ladies take some time if you feel that he's the Mr. Right. Guys be patient with her because she deserves respect.

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