Monday, June 18, 2007

Trying to get a date by sms.

With the modern technology that we have today I suppose that to sms a girl to go out is not the worst thing that you can do. However, personal calling is always better. It gives a guy better manners and a girl seeing you in better light.

Why did I refer to it as a guy doing that? Well, it may also be done by girls but most likely teenagers. Men tend to be speechless when asking women out. They have to plan the whole conversation. What they're going to say and sometimes they blurt out the wrong things and the plan just balls up so it's back to the drawing board and kiss that date goodbye.

Why would they use the sms method? This can also apply to the women in reverse. One good thing is that you just have to write things down. She can't see your face or hear the tone of your voice. If asked a question by sms a man can take some time to slowly answer back after he got advice from three of his beer drinking buddies sitting next to him. He won't get caught off guard and say the wrong thing. Plans can be made with short and sharp text.

If you're sending the sms to a girl for the first time, never use the words "remember me" in the text. The reason is because it looks like the guy needs her assurance of his presence. It lowers his capacity in her mind. Instead imagine that she already remembers you. One reason is that when she gave you her number she must have been comfortable in doing so when you met her or she was already attracted to you. if it's the latter then you're in luck.

Just because there's a good response it doesn't mean that she's going to throw herself at you. At least it gives you a chance to deploy some intensive attraction moves on her when you do meet up. That's a whole new blog subject on it's own.

A guy is going to take forever to send that first sms(it get easier later) but just send it and not worry about the outcome. This means that if she can make it, go. Enjoy the day with her. If she can't then let it be. She has that choice. Be hopeful that she may get back to you if her plans don't work out.

Bar advice. Some of these technological devices can help ease the dating game. Just know what you're in for.

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