Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Missing Kat

Last week, hot ass Kat, didn't show up at the bar on all three days that she normally has salsa dance practice. I was wondering what happened to her but I did suspect that she might have gone for a getaway holiday type thing.

I suddenly got a phone call from her asking if I was already at the bar. She than came up after I said I was there. She looked tired and when I asked where she had been, she told me she was in Phuket. Since there was a public holiday in the middle of the week and a friend from overseas had invited her, she decided to go have some time off.

I said to her,"Oh, so you went there. Got suntanned. Did some swimming and filled you 'bang'." She smiled, as she was drinking, and said "yes." She wasn't trilled that they had her signed up for an amature salsa contest now that she was back and that she needed to put in extra practice. The fact that she just flew in the early morning hours didn't help either.

Later she went for classes and I to work. She dropped by later, had a cigarette and chat a little. We talked about stupid stuff then later when the crowd started to leave I asked her to wait till I closed up. We decided to get some late supper. She wanted to go to the nearby Indian coffee shop but my brain was telling me that I had to go somewhere a bit more lavish. We walked to the road to get a taxi but we were suppose to cross the road. While we were trying to cross and talking at the same time I held her hand. Jokingly saying that I had to make sure we crossed safely. She said I was trying to take advantage of the situation which I completely agreed with and told her so.

We finally got to the place I want to bring her. Swensens. Suppose to be 24 hours but that day it was closed from midnight till 6am. Only Ice cream and coffee available. Why? I also don't know. The Starbucks next to it was also closed. Die, now what? Then she spotted the Coffee Bean nearby. Went there as the lights were still on but they were cleaning up the place only. No more service. Give me a break! We almost walked down when she suggested that we go up as there was a 24 hour place there. Just then we saw the Balcony bar. 24 hours and people still drinking. I went in and asked if they still served snack food. They only had Nachos. Arghhhh!

Finally we got to the Coffee Club on the opposite side. There, we finally got a meal each. She got Evian to drink and I got a beer. After all that mishaps we just went through, I needed one. I knew she was also tired and the fact that she follow me further from her home then where we were from my bar said something to me. I just wanted to be somewhere else with her other than the bar and her salsa classes. Frankly I didn't care where we went or what we did as long as I was in her company.

We had nice time. She showing me pictures of her time in Phuket but some of them was with the guy. We're just friends so it's all good. I like her a lot. She's funny, interesting and the fact that we can chat about anything is refreshing. At the end of the night we got to the edge of the road, after her cigarette, to get taxi. Two of them came awkwardly at the same time and I didn't get to kiss her goodnight. I didn't really think about it till I got home but I wondered if I should have or not. Why?

Well, she's also a customer. A friend. I don't want to have both of us feeling uneasy around each other the next time. Then again, the next time we'll have to see what situation comes up. The kissing outcome may be different. If she's reading this I believe she's fine with all of it.

Bar advice. Last minute decisions can sometimes backfire on you but if you take it all with a bit of humour you'll find it becomes a nice memory for both people.

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