Monday, June 18, 2007

Meeting new people

This one is a little short as I'm running out of time at the moment. Last weekend it was raining a little. Business was alright for a while. Nice people were coming by the bar. Things were going well.

Later in the night two girls and a gentleman arrived and got a table. Got their orders and later was doing other stuff. I kept looking at this girl Grace, I got her name later that night, because she sat facing me. I recognized her from the last time she came. The guy as well actually. The other girl was there the first time.

Suddenly it begin to rain down hard. Others that were outside came inside as well. it was alright for a while but it begin to rain even harder. I got out a squeegee to push water that was coming in and flooding the floor a little. Just then Grace begin to talk to me. What else to start a conversation but to talk about the weather. I thought to myself,"smart girl". I kept going back and forth a little doing things to secure the place from the rains and dropped a sentence or two every time I passed the table.

I knew that I was running out of things to do near them so I gave it one last suggestion to her. I told her that if the water was a problem that they should come to the bar counter where it was dry. I, of course being behind the bar, wanted her to come over. She stayed there with them for a while but eventually she got up and did move to the bar counter with them. Immediately she engaged into conversation with me. It didn't matter that the two others were there. She seems to be this little ball of fire that was really so sweet looking. Hot as well and intelligent.

Later we got into this guessing game about where they were from and I guessed correct that she and the other girl were from the Philippines and the guy was from France. The guessing about age sort of shot me down when I guessed her older than she actually was. We did the whole zodiac sign thing. I really just wanted to dig a little more about her character. Several occasions she mentioned that they were all just friends. In conversation, several times, she reached out to touch me on the arm that was leaning on the counter but than again she held hands with the french guy as well.

I was wondering what was going on. Are they together? Anyway, she happen to fall between two zodiac signs. Ones that I like and am at the same time. We talked about relationships and such because she was stunned that I wasn't married or had ever been. I finally told her about this blog as well and the moment she asked for the url, I also managed to get her email address. Luck I guess.

This exotic creature is so bubbly. Fun and alive and seems so happy unfortunately it looks like she may leave her sales job here to join Emirates airlines later. Can't blame her for thinking about her future. Hope she does well.

Bar advice. Some women know when someone likes them and some know what they want. She said she'll read the blog so Grace of you're reading. Cheers!

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