Monday, June 18, 2007

How does she see you?

Where do you stand with this girl? Is she seeing you the way you think she is or are you imagining what you want and the reality is that she's not that into you. Guys, repeat after me.

"Doing anything for the girl won't work if she doesn't like you in
the first damn place."

Having the girl attracted to you is the first step before everything else. Most guys get things all wrong. They mess up the sequence because they're thinking with the wrong head. They end up showering her with soft toys, fine dining, jewelery or some self made item to prove his love. Give me a break! It looks like he's trying to buy his way in. There's probably some dummy that tattooed her name on his chest with a little heart like Miami Ink. He might as well have done it on his ass because he's about to get shit on.

If she didn't really and I mean really like you in the first place or you never checked if she did and she was only letting you be near her because she didn't want to hurt your feelings, then prepare for pain. Cruel truth is many guys have gone true the incident where they have done so much stuff for the girl and another guy just comes along and excites her and becomes her boyfriend. Here you got to loose the baggage, cut loose and move on. Have some pride but learn the lesson.

Once again I stress that she must like you immensely or massively for anything real to happen. That is the first line of of action that will prevent any other guy from taking her away or from getting you dumped with a big hole in your pocket. Tattooing someones name on any part of your body is stupid as well. Doing it for love as a anniversary present after 10 years of marriage is different. You already won her heart so branding yourself will make only your wife think you're dumb.

Have you guys ever had your dad or uncle advise you to "Make friends first" or "Get to know her and see how it goes"? There are guys that do that but they take the "make friends" part too strongly that the girl sees it that way as well and he won't end up with anyone. Yikes!

Guys, you got to make her see you as a "lover figure" and not a "friend figure". The worst thing that can happen is if another guy comes along and she tells him that you're like a "brother" to her and starts flirting with him. You'll be out on your ass again.

Bar advice. Call it man, lover, boyfriend or whatever cute name she got for you. You got to create the environment in her mind that you're her guy. The one she desires for intimacy.

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