Monday, June 11, 2007


What can be said about this movie. Those that watched it can relate to all three stars in the movie. The situation and delema of people starting out in a relationship.

Have we done things of this nature? Possibly. Will smith shows what it takes and what needs to be said to "get the girl". Well' he is the star of the movie but in reality we got to see that what he said is sometimes what guys really feel but just don't know how to go about it.

Here the scene is set with a phone call to get a date for the first time. Guys that meet with girls react like little boys sometimes because they are men. Does that make sense? To women it does. To guys it's just a "thing we do".

Movies like Jerry Maguire, whereby Tom Cruise mentioned the words "you complete me" and went all over the world, is practically impossible. Yes, we all know it's a romance movie script but in reality no one can do that by being with another person. The only person that can "complete" someone is that person him or herself. Your partner may make you feel good and such but what "completes" us is ourselves. A spiritual sense within that we can develope with others that we realte to. Think about it.

Bar advice. Movies like this can nice to watch. We all love a happy ending. Who doesn't? How's things with you?

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