Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fathers Day

The one day of the year that is just like mothers day except we all seem to appreciate mom more. Somehow dad is like distant and reserved. Maybe not all but most out there. Some are not even around.

Lets not focus too much on negatives but the truth is that it's more of a natural instinct with mothers than fathers for taking care of the family. I mean this in the sense of the family nucleus and not just the paying of bills and such. One good example is to see that when your dad goes on a business trip or gets sick, things seem to still run like clockwork but with mom, it's a different story.

When she goes away for just a day, magically we start loosing things or we can't find them. If she gets on a diet, we're all on a diet because the food is going to be cooked like a dietitian did it. If she gets sick, Oh! boy look out. We all got to fend for ourselves, get our own meals, do laundry, be quiet in the house while fighting with brothers and sisters and even dad is going crazy with everyone because he can't seem to function as well. It becomes a zoo but with her weaken self, mom still finds the way to get out of bed and magically sort everything out in ten minutes and get back to the bed to rest.

Dad's are more of what we see as the guy that makes the money. Takes care of the bills. Who we go to to get some pocket money or when we want to buy something. He's the protector of the home. If we're being bullied by someone or the neighbours kid is making life difficult for us and maybe if we got in trouble with the law. We some how call on him to "fix" it. We think that dad is this hero with super powers that will defend us from bad things.

As we celebrate father's day we think about what mom saw in him before we were here. Some dads are mean old bastards. Some not fit to take that role. Others are just kids themselves while others still behave like kids. Lots of dads don't know what a father is suppose to do because they never had a father. The list goes on and on. Nobody is perfect and sometimes even dad's can't protect us from the world.

In most normal families the father is the disciplinarian. The guy that looks after us, advises us, teaches us, helps us and loves us. He's the guy we can count on when you need help. If you're a guy, he thought you about sports and took you to the hospital when something got broke. If you're a girl, he interfered with all the boyfriends you had but walked you down the isle and gave you away as a bride. With years of memories from the day we were born and knowing that mom is the superglue that keeps everyone together, our father's probably never get the worthy recognition they deserve.

Sometimes I wished my dad was still alive. I never got to tell him so many things. Maybe the relationship could have been better than what we had. Not all fathers and their children have close bonds. We make the best with what we got. Even if you're poor, but family is strong, you'll always be feeling rich. Which dad won't want to have a good life for his family?

Bar advice. For all fathers out there. When you walk into a room and you see your children's eyes lights and a smile appears, you're doing fine. Happy fathers day.

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