Tuesday, June 5, 2007


We all grow up with our parents and teachers all teaching us about courtesy. The problem is when we grow up in this hectic and pressure driven world we forget all about that.

Is it really so difficult to allow someone to pass you on the highway? Can you not say "excuse me" when you're trying to get ahead of someone in a supermarket? There's someone in front of you so let them take the taxi even if it stopped in front of you or at least try to get them to share it.

In our busy daily lives, it's hard to be courteous to others. Sure there are days when things can go wrong but we need to consider others also having a bad day. If we're upset and angry with stuff going on, we can still be courteous with strangers and family. It make things better for society and resolutions for problems become easier to handle.

Behavior is set deep within ourselves. We can choose to do so in good or bad ways. That's why we're thought at young. If we just continue to follow such in our adult lives we become better human beings. Anyone reading this can surely understand what it means to have someone show us courtesy. The feeling is different in vast expects.

Bar advice. We all know it's hard to do at times but as we continue to do so we find our behaviour change in many different ways not only courtesy.

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