Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers day

It's once again that special day when we honour our mums. Mother's day. We show our appreciation and love and those with kids enjoy the day together. People tend to do something special on that day like a big family lunch or dinner. Adults sometimes buy their mums a gift or a spa treatment to pamper her. These things are well and good but we sometimes need to be reminded of those that don't get to celebrate this day.

Some people may have been orphaned at birth. While this is sad, the fact is that orphans are made on a daily basis. How? Many different ways.

There is some kind of war going on in many parts of the world at the moment that you're reading this. We take things for granted when we live in more safe and secure places in the world but for those that are in war torn zones, under dictatorships or forced religious governments, don't have much of a choice.

The reverse can happen, whereby, a mother has a child killed with accidental bombings and shootings. In Darfor, western Sudan, the genocide that has taken place has left many griefing maothers and orphans. In Iraq the continued battle for power between the Shites and Sunni people caught in the middle of American occupation leaves little to say but utter chaos. In Sri Lanka the war goes on till today with only a small period of ease when the tsunami struck. North Korea has it's people starving because one man places himself at the top and makes all others worship him like a God.

There are so many other places that has it's share of problems as well. It needs to be said that mothers around the world cry out on a daily basis for losses in their families. Their cries hardly ever gets notice or heared. What can be done for changes to what is going on? Let's imagine the world on a more peaceful level.

If only people would put aside the difference of race, gender, colour and especially religion. The world we know today could become a different place. The news that we see on television could be on different topics than bloodshed and violence. Women around the world should try to find ways to make the rest of mankind change. Maybe it could be better to have a women in the White House in the USA. The other countries have had women lead the country before but never the US. So far the places that have been ruled by women are still in trouble though. Places like the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Argentina and more. What than are we to do?

At the end of it all. Life goes on for all. Mothers still continue to cry. Children long for their mothers to hold them again and put them to sleep. Women pray to the havens for help. Jesus had a mother. Buddha had one too. Mohammad must have as well. Can we not also make a change and sacrifice for the goodness of living in peace and happiness. Some of us may not have our mothers around anymore. We do have memories but the kids today may need us to help them. Choose the side of change so the world can be a better place for all and the tears of mothers and children may end.

Bar advice. One last mother that we have to help as well. Mother earth suffers in silence. It helps if we do our part to heal the planet instead of contributing to it's demise.

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