Sunday, April 29, 2007

What's on our minds.

The things is that we are always having thoughts of pleasure on our minds. We have visions of winning the lottery. Flying to secluded destinations with people waiting on us hand and foot. We long for the easy life and it's lustfulness of being able to get what we want and more than anything, who we want. It has to be split between guys and gals but some stuff are similar between them.

The secret desires in our heads works differently. Some guys look at at a girl walking down the street and wish she was his girlfriend or wild lover. Sometimes they imagine the girl seeking their attention and wanting them sexually. The details are all too real to them at times. Many just think back at the porn that they saw a few days ago and substitute her face with the one in the show. It also goes to the work areas like when a guy is having a business meeting with a girl. He may slowly be undressing in his mind or imaging what she looks like naked. He may even role play, in his head, a drama of himself and the girl and of course it ends up with him getting her into bed and making love.

By the end of it and when reality starts to set back in he just goes on his way doing whatever it was that's normal.The next day is another day for pleasure for him and it's his release from the world and it's difficlties. The freedom to be on top of the world and every woman being his lets him get through the day.

These women fool most men. They use modesty or just pretend that they are innocent to these thoughts and desires. They won't tell guys that they are interested. That's for sure. They know that guys look at them and when they catch one doing it they look away so there's no misunderstandings. The plain truth is that they too have these lustful, pleasurable, naughty thoughts. They long to have a knight in shinning armor come sweep them off their feet. They would rather have Prince Charming kissing them than the frog they have in their life at the moment. Women's thoughts also stretch the imagination wild but theirs are more lengthy and romantic.

The girls like to even see themselves as a ravaging beauty in some magazine that the guys are after and will drop dead in front of them. Guys always imagine themselves as they are because they are not getting any ass at that moment so it makes them feel better. The reality is, most girls don't like what they see in the mirror and want to role play other ways. A lot of them do the whole porn show thing in their heads as well but women tend to be less intrusive, like taking "it" up the ass. Hers will be pleasurable with lots of steamy scenes, water flowing, hot bodies mashed together; unless her fetish is more to bondage or something, than anything goes. At the end, and when reality sets back in, she goes on her way hoping that someone has picked up on her thoughts and will present itself the next day.

I only gave a few points here. The fact is that most of us are in that zone daily. We think more about sex than anything else. Well, maybe money too. We want each other but we see the same person in different settings, seduction, romance, sexiness, roles and bed partners. Why? It's because we long for different pleasures. Men and women have different sexual needs. Guys who see porn feel inadequate because they are afraid the the girls may have seen porn and may expect him to have a cannon but when he pulls out a pee shooter, what's he to do?

Girls react differently to guys because they feel inadequate with things like the size of their breast. Maybe even that their Virgina may not be a welcome sight to him. Has he seen better? Is it tight? What's he thinking? Should I kill the lights? These things draw the women to their own sexual thoughts whereby she changes her appearance and knows what's on her mans mind and she's in control.

People fantasize daily. From money to banging the hottest Hollywood star or singer and we love it. If we didn't have that, our lives would be so screwed up that we would be miserable all the time.

Bar advice. It's human nature to have these thoughts. Whatever our marital status may be or age and even size, it's normal. The mind is a powerful tool. Use it.

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