Thursday, April 19, 2007

Vrginia Tech - Massacre

Well I bet most people around the world has heard about the shooting that took place in the US at Virginia Tech. Where's the sense it what happened? People are now asking questions and so few answers especially for the victims families.

There's already a lot of tragedy that we hear and see on the news. Just turn on CNN or your local stations and you'll find there's some madness going on in the world. Shootings, killings, destruction, terrorism, violence, suicide and much more. We live in a terrible world at times and a lot of us are lucky that we don't live in that particular parts or affected by it. Some of us live in some peaceful place and it shocks us to hear such stories.

Where there is so much oppression, terrorism, dictatorships, lawlessness and more in the world is something that we see, hear, cope with, despise on, frown upon and hold in disgust but when it a story about some kid that had got a better life living in the US, huge future and more; it is just unbelievable. How and why would someone do such a thing to kill others and destroy the lives of families who had so much dreams and aspirations for their children.

Whatever the problem could have been the shooter, Cho, does not deserve any sympathy from anyone for his act of cowardice. it is now left in Gods hands to dispense justice. I shall not write anymore to add to the fame of this sad situation.

Bar advice. There are a lot of people out there that need proper psychiatric and psychological help. If you know anyone like that, help them get it or tell someone that you think may help that person.

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Anonymous said...

In all the verbiage about news media coverage of the Virginia Tech

shooting an important point has been missed. None of the reports

got to the bottom of the issue. What caused Cho to kill 32 people?

He had a mental beak. Subliminal Distraction was the killer.

Interviews on Cable TV news programs with roommates revealed that

Cho had used the common room to study and use his laptop while

others walked around ignoring him. That describes Subliminal

Distraction exposure.

Cubicles have been used for forty years to prevent what is still

believed to be a harmless temporary episode of confusion, bizarre

behavior, and disturbed thinking caused when the vision startle

reflex is triggered over and over for days. (The explanation is

three pages in Word).

When Cho had the "harmless" episode he planned then killed 32


While he gave warning by his behavior before the shooting others

with SD exposure gave no warning. The Atlanta Day Trader Shooter,

the Redlake School shooter, and Jason Weed who killed a mail

carrier in a psychotic episode all had SD exposure to trigger

their shooting events and gave no warning.

The mental break from SD exposure has happened on Russian space

missions, Soyuz-21. NASA is unaware of the reason they have

psychological problems with Astronauts, Nowak, Aldrin.