Thursday, April 12, 2007

Flirting 101& How to Attract Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace

Flirting 101
This is an insightful read for those who want to learn how to flirt, how to charm people, and/or how to read people better. The book is a quick and enjoyable read. It goes into how to charm all different types of people and mentions the differences (visual, auditory, etc.) and how to recognize these and still charm them. It has some good examples on how to make good impressions on people just by simple little acts like asking questions rather than talking about yourself, or when making a point touch their elbow for a strong effect. So far I've put quite a few of the practical tips to use and have gotten excellent results.

How to Attract Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace
Guys, especially, can learn a lot from this book. It's full of helpful hints for those of us who are shy or not naturally outgoing, and it provides some insight into the female value system - so often such a mystery to men. Well worth the read.

Bar advice. I recommend this for a fun read that can be insightful, even to a seasoned flirter. There's lot's of help out there for people and lot's of hope as well.

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