Sunday, April 8, 2007

复活节 Easter bunny and family

If you want to have a ball this year then consider throwing an Easter egg hunt. There is no better way to get the whole family together and enjoying the holidays like they should. This type of fun will ensure that all of the kids will have more fun than they have ever had before.

If you want to plan the best possible Easter egg hunt you should consider getting everyone that you know involved. Talk to your family members, especially the ones who have kids, along with all of your friends. Try to arrange it so that you can all get your kids to participate in the Easter egg hunt. This will make it a thousand times more fun.

For generations children have been playing and having fun in Easter egg hunts and there is no reason why your family cannot do the same thing. This is one of the finest of all family Easter traditions. Your Easter egg hunt can have real eggs or candy eggs; it does not matter.

Many people choose to spend the night before Easter dying and decorating all kind of Easter eggs with the kids.This makes for a wonderful holiday craft that everyone can enjoy. Some may even break but that will just bring out more laughter and fun. These eggs can then be placed all around the yard or park, depending on where you choose to have the Easter egg hunt.

What many families do is hide real eggs outside for the kids to hunt for and at the end of the Easter egg hunt these eggs get traded for candy. This way no candy gets dirty or wasted and if some eggs get left behind it is not a big deal. The best part though is coloring the eggs together the night before. This is a fantastic together time that you just would not have if you used candy eggs for the Easter egg hunt.

Another way is to have someone hide the eggs earlier before the kids get up. Tell them that the eggs are hidden by the Easter bunny. get them excited. Later get someone to play the part of the Easter bunny in a suit and exchange the real eggs for candy ones. If the kids ask why they have to do that, tell them that the Easter bunny needs them for other parties for other kids as well.

After the Easter egg hunt you can arrange for a wonderful brunch for all of the participants - kids and adults alike. Everyone can then discuss what a great time they had during the hunt and how to make it even better the next year. Easter egg hunts are something that everyone can enjoy and no one will ever regret having. It is a fun and easy idea that will be remembered for years. Just remember to bring your camera!

Bar advice. We need to take time out for activities like this. Relationships at home are really refreshed with things like this. There is also the need to explain the meaning behind Easter to kids.

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