Monday, April 2, 2007

考 Driving test don'ts.

I remember this girl Brenda, who use to come to the bar, telling me that she was always doing her driving lessons. I don't know whether she took the test already or not but I hope she passed. Especially after all those days rushing to meet up with the instructor and all that.

Anyway here's a little tease to make you laugh about what you should not do or say if you want to pass your driving test.

1) Challenge the instructor to a drag race at Dead Man's Curve after the test finishes.

2) Insist on playing your own mix tape really loudly while driving.

3) Rev the engine and beep the horn furiously if any kids wave at you through the back window.

4) Slow down and whistle and holler at any attractive people. Question the instructor’s sexuality should he/she disapprove.

5) Tell the instructor you only drive sports cars and can’t be seen driving the stupid test car.

6) Ask the instructor has he/she ever come across a talking car such as KITT in knightrider

7) When asked to turn left, turn right instead, when asked for an explanation. say, "Oh you mean my left".

8) When asked if you are sitting comfortably and can reach the pedals, bend down, touch them with your hands and say, "Yep, no problem".

9) Ask the instructor to duck down when passing by a group of your friends as you feel he/she may be bad for your image.

10) Ask the instructor if its possible to travel back in time in a fast car or would you have to make some adjustments after you buy one. Also ask if you need to apply for a different license for time travel.

Bar advice. If you end up doing these things you'll be taking public transport for the rest of your life.

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