Friday, April 13, 2007

Career and relationships

While you’re soaring with the eagles at work, things are about as low as they can get on the home front. This is a quandary many people before you have had, but within the situation is an opportunity to evaluate life.

Often it takes a relationship breakdown of divorce proportions to force us to stop and take stock of the meaning and direction of our life.

We also know that “love” is one of the pillars of our life. We also know it’s not logical to be working as hard and as long as we do, creating all the money and success imaginable only to end up alone and unable to share all the fruits with the one you love the most.

What the successful career, rocky relationship situation provides you with though is an opportunity to evaluate. Let me explain.

Life is about purpose. You, within your life purpose, above everything else, are striving for happiness and in order to help you evaluate your situation I have a few questions for you that takes you right to the heart of the matter.

Are you happy “with you” in your relationship?
Are you happy with your partner in the relationship?
Do you still want the relationship?
Are you still in love today with that person?
Can the relationship be salvaged? If so, how?

Are you using work to hide from something at home? Children; in-laws; step-children, the pain of a family death; something your partner said to you months ago that hurt and you never let go of it?
Are there pressures at home that could be worked out with a different strategy i.e. outside help, like coaching or counseling?

Do you love your work more than your partner?
Do you change into a different person that you don’t like when you cross the threshold, or when you turn into the street?

Many situations can be worked out if you want to work them out. In the short term talking or working together can work, but you must be careful that you don’t just stick a plaster over what appeared to be a small wound only for it to reopen again later.

One of the ways to avoid this is to strip down your life in order to rediscover your self. Doing this will make you happy, not just for an hour or a day, but for life. The truth will set you free.

People who have been in successful careers, rocky relationships are using this situation to reevaluate their meaning and direction in life. They’re doing it and finding they’re now mastering more than just the career pillar, but the relationship one too.They are growing into stronger, fitter, happier people. Do you want to join them?

Bar advice. Work on the relationship. If you've been in it a long time, stop and think for a moment. Lots of relationships go up and down. Seek help if you have to but don't let the ship sink if there's something you can do to keep it afloat.

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