Sunday, March 18, 2007

Judging by appearance外觀

Based on the choice of clothing women can be divided into two categories. Those who dress for others and those who dress for themselves.

The amount of clothes people have does not matter in the slightest. However, it is easy to judge a woman based on the amount of quality clothes in her wardrobe. Linen clothes do not make an exception as linen is one of the most ecological of all existing materials.

Lithuania has a very old flax cultivation tradition. Flax is closely associated with women here, to the extent that flax used to be called the women’s plant and women’s existence was closely related to that of flax. Women used to spin flax, weave linen and use it for a good many household chores. They used to die linen with all sorts of natural colours using cherry leaves to produce blue, flax flowers to produce red and apple tree skin to produce green.

The role of women as artists should not be underestimated either. They all wore self made linen clothes that reflected their spiritual and creative visions. The bed covers, table cloths, and towels exhibited at contemporary ethnographical museums continue to fascinate us by the impressive techniques used to make them as well as artistic qualities such as the subtle harmony of ornaments and colours.

One should not believe that linen clothes are worn only where the material itself is produced. Having long spread all over the world and valued for its hygienic qualities, linen is more and more widely used by clothes producers. Today one has a choice between original designer models and mass produced trousers, skirts and tunics. Many think that linen clothes can only be worn in summer. Contemporary technologies allow for the production of mixed materials, such as especially highly valued combination of wool and linen. Linen makes it resistant and wool makes it warm. Trousers or suits made of this material are perfectly suitable to wear in winter too.

Bar advice. Ladies, every time you think of treating yourself to a new piece of clothing, remember that it is not the quantity, but the quality that matters. Don’t forget, you are first judged by your appearance.

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