Sunday, March 11, 2007

Can Sex be good for you guys?

Erotic exercise is the best exercise you can give yourself and your partner. Erotic exercise involves the contraction of muscles in your arms, legs and abdomen. This is the same kind of workout you get at a gym. Now which exercise do you prefer?

Sexual exercise will always make sex a lot better and keep you feeling fantastic mentally and physically. Having sex two or more times a week can lower the risk of a heart attack over the course of ten years than men who have sex less often. (2005 Journal Of Epidemiology and Community Health.)

Erotic Exercise will improve your cardiovascular into a better physical condition. This will improve a happier heart.

Frequent ejaculation(April 17th, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association), might help protect your prostate from cancer. Ejaculating regularly could lower risk of cancer because cancer causing substances get flushed out of the body instead of staying in the prostate. Well than makes a lot of sense to me. Guys, please don't go masturbating every day because of this. Save it for the real act of love making.

Sexual activity is a great stress reliever. Satisfying sex can exhilarate a mood to high levels. Orgasm releases tension. Sex is a vigorous form of exercise. Having two or more orgasms every week, you will live a better life than those who only have a orgasm fewer than once a month. How sad is that?

Bar advice. Get going with your Erotic exercise. It doesn't get better than this. Remember. Sex can be good for your health. If you don't want my advice on it, well then, stay away from sex. Which would you rather be doing?

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