Monday, March 26, 2007

手袋 Handbags at Amazon

Just to show that these bags are probably making some of the girls drool already. The difference in prices are also crazy. Fashion may drive people to want these things but others end up stealing them just to have it. It's what the magazines and celebrities show that makes people do those things. Don't be roped into this sort of material craze that you end up paying the price for it later.

Go with what your budget can afford. There's alot of stuff out there that looks really good. It may not be Prada but it could look just as good for a lot less. Think about the money you waste that could go into getting useful stuff.

Bar advice. If you really want to then slowly save and get it but keep it properly and use it only for special occasions. Tip for you ladies, buy it in black. Why? It goes with every outfit.

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