Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back blogging again

I was having some difficulties with the PC and at work in the bar so haven't been able to add to the blog for a while. Anyway things were a little hectic trying to sort out the Internet marketing business that I'm in.

Busy or not, I just had to get back to this quickly. Those reading may be wondering what happened to me. Recently met a nice girl and 'No' didn't find her on friendfinder or anything like that. Just met her at the bar and we got to talk. She was kind of hot and one thing led to another and we ended up in each others arms. She is from the Philippines. Educated and very business orientated. She told me how she was doing business over the Internet and found it a little hard. That's very true actually but some like My Money Dragon aren't. There's also the OTO Goldmine and Megabooster that can make you money quite easily. If you know Google then you can use Adsense on your site like the ones on the right of this blog or you can join the Adwords Miracle that can make you a small fortune as well.

If you don't know, affiliate marketing, is worth a look into. What is affiliate marketing? Well, basically it's the selling of other peoples stuff. You join their company and get a share of the profits. All you got to do is promote the replicated website with your code on it and earn the cash.Let's say you joined Anbes ( Brest serum) and wanted to make money. all you had to do is join the affiliate site and when people buy from your replicated site or if people join through your site, you'll make money. It's that simple and best of all affiliate sites are free.

After telling her all these things, I kind of got her a little confused. That's because she didn't know there was so many ways to earn money on the Internet.Getting back to her. She was only here for two days and we had a great time. I know people think that if you're from the Philippine or one of the other South East Asian countries then there's going to be a problem. Some people are not like that and with the experience that I have I can tell if someone is out to play me or not. This girl seemed to have her head on her sholders and was really interested to get the info to improve herself. It's always good to see people trying to better themselves and their lives.

Bar advice 律師忠告 . Trying to improve one's self is far better than moping about it. get off your ass and help yourself. Dreaming about making things better and actually doing it are two different things. I gave you examples of some of them earlier. Start somewhere.

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