Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The problem with certain women.

One problem that guys face is the women that are with the girl that they desire but cannot get because of the dreaded 'girlfriend' that's with her. Now what I'm referring to is the one, or more, that are not as pretty, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, etc as her but are her friends.

Most guys would have encountered a problem like this.It's bad enough to have to talk to one girl but to have to chat up another or even three more on the same table or place is really tough.The thing is that some women may want to play it safe by getting her friends involved first because this gets her going as well. She may be in search of approval of her friends, especially if she has gone through a bad time with someone else before.

Something like that is understandable but there are some backfire that these girls don't know about that I want to highlight. A lot of these 'girlfriends' are nice but the fact that they themselves cannot get a guy for themselves places them in doubt of guys intentions towards their friend that is 'hot' looking. They know they are because every where that they go together, the guys seem to go after that particular girl among all of them.

Most likely , she is the one that is sweet, stylish, confident or even just stunning. Whatever it may be she wins the guys over all the time. These girls either don't know or realize that their 'friend' or 'friends' are not doing her any good. Why? Well because they feel that if they cannot get the guy or if the guy seems to real to be true, then they try to exile him from their company. Sometimes they tell the friend that he isn't as hot. Maybe they say that they 'heard' something about him(this of course isn't true) and just basically put him in a bad light.

The natural human behavior like this is normal among women but I have seen women that don't bother what their friends do or say about that person and follow their instincts and heart. Why is this? Well, they have seen, heard and felt the sorrowful state of their friends and understands their plight as women as well. She may have ben screwed by them before as well. Thus, she knows that it is what her friends have done to her in the past and she has lost out before. Nevertheless, she will allow the guy to pursue her and exclude the 'advice' of her friends. A women should know what she wants and not let anyone tell her what she wants.

In some situations in the bars that I have been in, I have seen this sort of thing happen. To be absolutely blunt these women are normally the over weight, unattractive, weird looking, unstylish, non confident, shy, arrogant, abused or just plain lesbian (but thay won't say it out loud). They want to have their friend be with them and if a guy comes into the picture then the fear of loosing that friend and not having the same routine seems devastating to them. They feel that they may be loosing out on the best thing that has happened to them with a friend that looks good. Why?

The friend that looks good is an attraction to their group. She brings the boys around.They know it but the main girl is 'blind' to this fact. She really thinks that they are looking after her. In fact they, at times, use her to be the nectar to attract the guys over. They know that he will be interested in their friend; so what do they get? Well, they do the main thing as described earlier, that is to make a bad impression about that guy. Also, and the main thing, is the hope that he will find interest in them if he cannot get her. Basically she becomes the bait for other guys for her 'friends'. Sometimes it may be that he may have friends that are looking for girls but are not as attractive as well. It's a long list of factors.

Bar advice. Those of you that have done this or those of you that have experienced this...all I can say is you know who you are. Please don't be upset with this write up but think about it. A lot is TRUE.Make a change for the better and live with the fact that who you are is who you are. makre the best of what you got. Lot's of people don't know that some are the most attractive people are the most lonely.

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