Monday, February 19, 2007

Penis Problems

Nothing in the world excites you better than sex…it’s an irrepressible desire…you can not run away from sex by any means. Sex is an ultimate enhancer as well as a drastic depressor; sexual dissatisfaction leaves you in vulnerable position.

A good sex is a sensational experience; it rejuvenates your mind and body and increases your self-belief. But there are times when little Johnny does not supports you, you desperately want it but you can’t have it, and this is the time when manhood is at stake.

In medical terms the problem is christened as Erectile Dysfunction, it is defined as the inability to keep up erection essential for sexual gratification, to be a bit more precise, it can be categorized as temporary or short term erectile dysfunction or permanent erectile dysfunction. About 150 million men around the world are under its grasp, its thoroughly different form other sexual problems related to orgasm or reluctance towards sex.Some vital factors contributing to erectile dysfunction are-

Diabetes, high cholesterol, and early stages of heart disease can cause erectile dysfunction.Emotional disorder, problem in relationship.Socioeconomic issues.Smoking and alcoholism.Lack of frequent erection. (It adds to it, hence the saying, 'Use it or loose it")

Many guys go to the bars to pick up women because they have this problem and sometimes they find that it's not working that night but it won't hurt too much because he'll never see her again. Sometimes it works well because she may have triggered a fantasy in his mind and all went well so everything worked out. Whatever the case it seems that all the factors can add to the dysfunction or not. what can a guy do then.

Maybe you want to try out some alternative medicine or treatment. Why not? Then there's Viagra. The magic blue pill that has been around awhile now and helps a lot of people. There's one problem. It does have side effects. We have heard this and the scientist have said so but people still take it. If ever it causes a problem later in life then you can't sue them because they have disclosed that side effects may occur in people. Great idea to let that info out of the bag in case of future lawsuits.What other ways then?

This bottle may help.

One better thing you can do for yourself is to get a healthy lifestyle going. Eat differently and really find out what supplements you need to take to enhance your metabolism.Make sure you can get ingredients that include, Panax Ginseng root,Epimedium Sagittatum(Ying Yang Hua),Tribulus terrestris fruit and more. You got to check it out for yourself.Get help if you have to. Whatever the case may be, it's in your best interest to sort it out now because the loss of use of the penis will some how bring about depression in your life and your partner.

Bar advice. The fact that there are millions of people with this problem out there some how doesn't seem to help. You feel that you're all alone in this matter. No one to talk about it and not sure what to do.Here is the best piece of advise that I can hand out to you. GO SEE A DOCTOR. I don't just mean the specialist for this particular issue but also a psychiatrist to deal with the emotional anxiety as well.

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