Sunday, February 18, 2007

Here women can better understand men so that they can have genuine, authentic relationships once the differences are understood. It takes away a lot of the guesswork, and bring valuable advice, tests, questions, and answers that will help women be authentic, real, and genuine while learning how to relate to the man they are with, once they understand their basic inherent differences.

There are a lot of interviews with men in this book that provide the basis for what turns them off, and how they genuinely want to share in an authentic relationship with a woman who is real, as opposed to setting a trap, or manipulating them. Highly recommended for its authenticity and valuable insight.

Bar advice.Somethings your mother's did not teach you, probably because they didn't know themselves, and you need to know. This is a great book for anyone who is going to have a relationship. Never underestimate the power of knowledge.

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