Sunday, January 14, 2007

Women and emotions

Have you ever heard someone say that women are really emotional? Well, it's true. And actually, everyone is very emotional... whether we like to believe so or not. We make emotional decisions and then justify our behavior with logic. Let me share something with you.

Whenever I go out with a girl, guys always try to come up and hit on her. It'll go really badly for them and at some point she will tell them that I can help them get better success with women because I teach men how to meet and date women.

The next thing I know, the guys are trying to convince her that she shouldn't be with me and that they are much nicer guys that she should be with. Then, they ask me for dating tips which they then try to use on my her.

It's pretty funny. I get a good laugh from it every time. And, it only makes them look like idiots and make her want to be with me more.This is why no matter how much you beg, whine, try to convince or logically justify or rationalize to a woman why should she be with you, it won't ever change her mind. She won't ever say, "Hey, that really makes sense, I think I'm compatible with you!"

This isn't a cloning lab. You aren't in a debate. You can't say, "I have good breeding, a good job and high apparent intellect... I think we'd make good natural companions" and expect anything but her to look at you funny before she walks away creeped out.

It'll never work. Just like no matter how much someone tries to convince you that she's hot and sexy, if you don't have beer goggles on, she'll still be nothing more. So, STOP TRYING TO CONVINCE WOMEN TO BE ATTRACTED TO YOU!

So, how do you get a woman attracted to you if you can't do it by convincing her logically?

You do it through emotions. She has to feel emotionally drawn towards you. You have to do all the things that I've been talking about.Be a challenge, tease her, be unpredictable, be interesting. That's the only way you'll make a woman feel attracted to you.If you walk up and a woman isn't instantly attracted to you, you need to press her emotional buttons. You need to be different than every other guy out there who tries to convince her to be attracted to them.

Let's talk about a few of these things.

Be a Challenge and teasing

Hot women are used to men coming up to them, giving them anything they want and then agreeing with everything that a woman says. I've had girls crawling all over me just because I disagreed with what they said and had an argument with them.

Hot girls are so bored with their life of guys doing anything for them that they want something new, some type of substance in their lives. Give it to them. Tease them about their clothes or their jewelry. Don't be worried about offending them.I even found Brenda some what close to this.

Be Unpredictable

Women have the same things happen every single time they go out. Before a guy even walks up, she knows exactly what the guy is going to say.And you know what? I do too! It's probably going to be some compliment that she's heard seven times already tonight followed by buying her a drink that he's going to force her to accept whether she wants one from him or not.

After that he's either going to try to come on to her so hard that she basically has to call security over or he'll be so unbelievably nice to her that she'll have to come up with an excuse like, "I have to go to the bathroom" in order to get away from him without hurting his feelings.

Do something different. Be interesting, fun, exciting, challenging, engaging, cool and indifferent. Don't let her know that you're interested in her by pushing it and showing her that her looks don't impress you.

Be Interesting

Have you ever talked about your job, school, your car or your family? Stop it! I'm getting bored just thinking about it!Have something interesting to talk about at any time. Have a good story that you can tell if your conversation dies down.

Take her somewhere that always has interesting things going on where you can talk about relevant things in the area. I like to go to shopping malls with crazy shops in them and try on really silly trendy clothing that you only see people on runways in fashion shows wearing.

Bar advice.Read some books or ebooks on comedy and have fun wherever you go. Do anything you can to be different than most guys and have a good time. A woman would rather be with a poor, funny, interesting guy than a rich, handsome, predictable guy any day of the week. Win their Hearts, Not their Minds.

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