Friday, January 26, 2007

Women and politics in the US

This is for those that are really keen to get a better understanding of what has and can happen in the future. Not only for the US but the rest of the world.

A must-read for anyone wishing to understand the history and present-day political reality of women, this fascinating book explores the efforts, achievements, as well as the setbacks involved in the movements toward equality for American women. Women's Movements in America; The Struggle for Political Rights; Women's Political Participation; The Struggle for Employment and Educational Rights; Women's Economic and Educational Status; The Struggle for Familial and Reproductive Rights; Women's Place in the Family; The Future of the Movement. Anyone interested in women and politics.

Bar advice.Ladies should take a better look at this as it will help you in your own countries political climate. Baby steps are needed and even if you're not fully into politics, it's best to be armed with this insight. Remember knowledge is power. No one can manipulate you if you know what is going on.

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