Thursday, January 25, 2007

A small tip for guys.

One thing I've been noticing from going out lately is that the hottest girls are always with someone that they are friends with and know really well but they are not as hot or good looking as the main girl itself.

What happens is if you go up to some girls who are maybe 5’s to 6’s9this is out of 10 of course), and chat with them, get them giggling, etc. From there, a hot girl, maybe an 8-9 walks up and introduces herself to you. Believe it or not, a lot of hot girls roll with less attractive girls. From there on you already have the group’s comfort and appreciation so it is easy to isolate the hot girl from there.

If you had rolled up to a couple less than attractive girls and said “You seem fun, I just had to say hi." You would be chatting back and forth, when a hot 8.9 came up. This may or may not be their friend but to any of them that have been watching you from a distance and observing that you are a nice guy will be a willing participant to engage in a conversation with you.

Now could this have worked had I waited until the 8.9 was already in the set? Of course. But I’ve found it to be far easier to attract a girl if you hit the set before she arrives. You’ve already won over her friends at this point. Even if you haven’t won over her friends it can still work well if you’re already in the set. Sometimes, girls who weren’t that interested, and a third girl came up who was interested causes controversy and if her friends leave, she may end up making out at the bar with you..

On a more general note, you should be playfully bantering with all types of women. Throughout your day, you should be bringing joyful interactions to as many people as possible. The fat girl serving you at Burger King? Make her smile. You don’t have to outright flirt of course, but just a little playful misinterpretation can help the day. People, including yourself, like to feel good. Don't forget guys that you are not perfect as well and all women know this for a fact. If you thionk you are then you're in for a rude awakening. Make it real.

Bar advice. This is just a little help for those that need to find women and to approach them. It is not really what I do myself but it is the reality. I welcome your comments dearly and if you think that this doesn't work or if you say that you don't 'let' the 'other' girls become your friend (I don't mean all ladies), then you are lying to yourselves. Confidence lacks in all human beings. Man and woman.

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