Sunday, January 7, 2007

Meeting girls online

Lots of men often ask me if meeting women at the clubs or in public places isn’t gradually becoming obsolete in today’s modern society with the growing popularity of the Internet? My answer to that is: Has driving become obsolete since the growing popularity of aviation?

The truth is that the Internet serves it purpose to a certain degree. Is there really any method that you can compare which can have you meeting women from as close as the girl next door or as far as all four corners of the globe and all with a single click? Probably not. But just like everything else, the Internet as a method for meeting women has its advantages and disadvantages.

Firstly, there is no comparison to seeing a woman in the flesh who you admire and plotting the course to meeting her and ultimately becoming a part of her life. Of course this too can be done on the Internet; but one big difference. On the Internet, the woman is virtual. Over the past few months I have taken a look at a few of the sites out there which have crept up to fill this void which introduce men and women to each other and all the ones which I have seen all seem to serve their purpose to some effect. As a matter of fact, I have known people who have met their perfect matches on some of these sites and have even gone on to do the ultimate.

On the other hand I am all too familiar with people who have come away from the Internet experience so beaten, broke, frustrated and battered because they have been disappointed, disillusioned and let down, by such things as the photo collectors those e-women who only collect photographs of people they “meet” on the net or those women who supply fake photographs that bear no resemblance to who they actually look like. Then there are those who like Miss Haversham from the old novel “Great Expectations” having been spurned and burned by relationships in the past they set out to trawl the net causing as much pain as possible to every man whom she happens to come across - and the Internet is full of these women.

In this age of political correctness and women’s liberation these women are more than likely wreaking vengeance on the spineless men of the net as vengeance for the absence of men approaching them. I have come to verify that experiences on the Internet aren’t too different for the women either. However, there’s one caveat for the fairer sex. The men that these ladies hope to and do attract are so desperate for attention and anything else on offer that they are willing to jump through every hoop which the women put in front of them so that they can have the chance to be with these women - and these hoops are in no short supply. Take this one for example, (and you need not be in Asia) asianfrindfinder. It may or may not be what you are after but it won't hurt to look.

These men are willing to pander (virtually and really) to these women’s’ every need, and numerous net-women have to practically fight these characters off with a stick. Some examples of this are like telling them such things as the kind of things they should do in the photographs and the style of photo that they should supply in order to obtain “special consideration.” Even though the ones that they themselves have on show are often generic. As well as cross-examining these men like a prosecutor to an accused – all to eventually declare a mistrial. For this, special consideration, these men are rewarded by the women in due course neither showing up for meetings, nor returning email and calls and similar things, and maybe some verbal abuse, if they are lucky.

Some of the women seem like the perfect person who you really would want to meet and introduce to mother but then you realize that you have been more or less automatically eliminated as soon you read the profile. Now that’s honesty but then what are you supposed to do? Run away with your tail between your legs or stick around, call the bluff, face the challenge and try to convince her otherwise? Let's suppose you do and in the most unlikely event convince her, what about the fundamental point that never would have worked in the first place. Then there are the ones that you never hear from and those that are the high-quality ones. I know a friend of mine whose phone was always ringing off the hook with calls from these women but he met few of them and has never got past first base as he would wish with any of them. We figured out it was because he was giving these women too much “special consideration” on his web space and profile. After he ceased that desperate practice it all started to change.

Look, the Internet can be and is a fun place to meet women, and it seems like this will remain so for quite some time, however it is helpful not to take the women who you meet there too seriously, that is until you personally get to know them. Try friendfinder. This helps in any part of the world where you can meet women. Additionally the odds are and can be stacked in your favor away from the offline modem if done right.

Bar advice. One thing that men must remember is that on the Internet it is easy for any man to “approach” any woman and tell her anything. But it takes a special man to actually approach a woman in person.

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