Friday, January 26, 2007

Women leaders needed.

Mature and industrialized nations today continue to strive for human equality, especially when it comes to women’s rights. In general, women are the voice which calms the fighting spirit of man. I believe that women who are elected to office bring new perspectives to issues and are more inclined to collaborate effectively with their counterparts. I often wonder if this is one of the reasons for the civilized manner in which modern countries enjoy. It is a sense of balance and fairness that allows people to determine their own fate.

The inclusion of women into national and global politics is pertinent to the progression of peace and prosperity in our times. In part, I am referring to regions of instability. In Iraq, I think it is very important that women have the ability to run for elected office. This could serve the country well in the difficult times still ahead. How often in history have we seen what a large group of men do when confined to the same set of genes and testosterone that only serve the escalate tensions and bring about devastating wars.

As a gender, males have a strong sense of pride and are not afraid to fight for survival. This begins at a young age when males fight for dominance of the pack. We live by the rule that only the strongest shall survive. There is no room for trust or fairness.

One point to add is that women can also be unkind to one another. Gossiping and venting out when the other party is not around or cannot hear them. Talking behind peoples back is truly more of a women's trait than a man's. They can be vicious and vindictive in many ways to their fellow females as well. This , some say, is the feline like instincts that we hear of. Hence a 'cat fight' when things really get out of hand.

This year Hillary Clinton is running for the office of the President of the United States. Will she win? That remains to be seen as she faces good candidates in her way but if she does she has more on her shoulders the just being the first female president. She will be watched, criticized, examined, prodded, flagged and turned inside out and upside down because she is a woman. I think it will be refreshing to see what happens. Not only in the US but all over the world.

Women are psychologically known to be more collaborative, nurturing, and social. There is no preferred biological makeup, yet different situations call for the strengths of one gender over the other. This is why I believe that women should be more included in global politics. They are much better suited to find common ground and come to a productive solution and bring peace that is acceptable to all parties involved.

Bar advice. If mankind is to surpass to the next level we got to have the women from all nations be in the fore front of leadership that will help to change all the world. The earth is not called mother for nothing.Those that really hear me on this issue, strive for it today.

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